Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Oh my goodness! I don't even know what to say! Last nights class was amazing! It went fabulous! I have developed a system where there are instructions, and even some cheat sheets for my students, which seemed to work out beautifully!
Everyone left with a finished page!
It was a great class, and if you missed out, I'm truly sorry! There were a lot of ideas flowing, I got great feedback from all of my students, we had fun, we got some work done, got great ideas, and learned more about the Cricut!
And.... My very favorite part: everyone did something a little different to their pages! Oh my! I love, love, love it when people do different things to their pages other than what's layed out in front of them! It makes for a great time, and a great class! With all the creativity flowing, it really makes it an enjoyable class.
I would like to thank my students who promote not only my creativity, but give me great ideas as what to teach and what to do next.
As for what I have planned:
How to apply vinyl quotes to your walls
An ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE Halloween treat bucket
Etching glass with the Cricut
Getting 6 titles for $15.00 (just like the Karen Foster stacked titles)
Making pillow boxes and other fun things with the cricut

Thank you all sooo so much for letting me know what I need to do, letting me know how I can better help you all, and giving me great feedback and amazing ideas!
Keep posted for pictures and further class descriptions. :)
The Chirping Cricut

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