Friday, October 16, 2009

Sign up!!

I have one more spot open due to a cancellation for the Halloween Treat Bucket! Be sure to sign up, even if it's full so I have poeple to call when there are cancellations!!
Please sign-up, call Memories on Fifth today: 319-354-4302

Monday, October 5, 2009

November Cricut Club

The above photo is etched. I used the word "cherish." You can also see how I used the additional embellishments.
The above photo is the picture I placed in the far left frame spot. I used the additional paper to "journal."

The above picture is the picture I put in the middle. I also used extra cardstock to "journal" at the top of the photo.

This is another view of what the etched glass looks like.

This is what the whole frame looks like! Enjoy!

Hello ladies!
As of yesterday, the October Cricut Club is full, and since Novembers Cricut Club is pretty special, I'm assuming that it will fill up quickly!
We will be etching glass in this class. You get a frame that has 3 slots in it that you can decorate as you please!
I have included some pictures to show you what I created, and I will give you enough supplies to do the same. Included in the fee is the frame, vinyl to make the glass etch stencil, paper, cardstock, brads and florals. You will also get to use the etching creme to etch your frame! You can also use any cartridge that Memories on Fifth has in the store!
Memories on Fifth 319-354-0432

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cricut Club Update!

Hello everyone!
I just thought I'd update you guys on what I am thinking about doing for some upcoming Cricut classes! (I am now branching out, and not doing just Cricut classes, anymore, so be sure to check those out, too!)
For November:
Glass Etching with the Cricut. I have made the adorable frame for this class, and I love it! I am so excited about this class because it is super easy, a lot of fun, and you come out with a great product! Hopefully there will be a picture up tomorrow of what I will have you guys make!
(This isn't the Cricut Club) A Flower Soft Christmas. Some of you took the intro to Flower Soft class, and while I liked the cards that I had you guys make, I LOVE the Christmas cards. I swear, Flower Soft was invented to embellish Christmas cards! The trees look very realistic, and the Polar White Flower Soft makes things look like real, glistening snow! Be sure to watch for that class!

For December:
I originally was going to have you guys make 6 titles for your pages, but I have been doing a lot of different things for the Cricut Club, and I think that a good way to end the year would be with a lovely page to put your Christmas or winter-themed pages! So, I am having you guys experiment with a great Cricut Solutions Christmas cartridge and make a "Winter Solstice" page. When I get that done there will be pictures as well!
(This isn't the Cricut Club) I will be teaching you guys how to make Acrylic Cards! They are winter themed, and I am looking into etching them or embossing them for some extra pizzaz! Be sure to check the store out for samples. I always, always, always have samples for my class up pretty early!

For the upcoming year (2010):
You guys will get to learn how to make those 6 "stackable" titles for your pages!
I want to experiment/learn how to work with Design Studio, and show you guys how to use it.
Talking about/showing off new additions for the Cricut, such as the much anticipated "Gypsy."
A recipe book!!!! Fun!!
Making stencils for your home decor.
And other things to play with such as fun cartridges, different techniques, using new product with the Cricut, etc.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, and let me know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated!