Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Twenty-Ten, Let's Try This Again!!

Hello ladies!!
I'd like to apologize and give many thanks all at the same time!
First, sorry that I haven't been posting any classes or anything on here! That's definately my fault! So sorry!! I have been so busy with studying for state boards, and other things! But, those are over with, so my free time is dedicated to my favorite hobby, scrapbooking!! :)
Now, I'd like to thank all of you ladies for coming to my classes! I have so much fun teaching you guys! For half of 2009, I taught classes, and almost every one of them was full! I love doing it, and you guys keep me going!! So, keep signing up to take classes!
I'll be posting some information with classes in 2010 pretty soon, here!
Thanks again!!

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