Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun on the Fourth Follow Up

Hello everyone!
On Tuesday I had the Fun on the Fourth class. I was happy to have done it to know what I as an instructor needs to improve on to help others understand the cricut and how to use it to their advantage.
So, I have further instructions for those of you who didn't get quite finished, and I will also be posting pictures of the August layout. This one is a bit easier, and I am printing off charts with things such as helpful tips on how to use the Cricut as we speak! So, hopefully that will make it a bit easier on you guys next time!
I hope you guys had a good time, and if you're a little stressed out about using the Cricut, don't fret because I have more information for you all that should help you out a lot next time. :)
Thanks to all who came and thanks for helping me learn what I need to do next!
FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS: I have complete instructions on how to make the Fun on the Fourth pages all typed up, however Blogger does not allow copying and pasting items into a blog post. So, all you have to do if you want them is e-mail me at: and I will e-mail you the complete instructions as soon as I receive your e-mail.
Sorry that this post is late, but as some of you know, I work more than full time. :)
Have a great night (or day) everyone!

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